Our mission is to create an honest, caring and forthright business based on sound business practices and economic stability. Our promise to our customers is to provide interactive customer service by problem solving, keeping accurate purchase history and educating on current nutrition which allows the customer to keep owning their pet, horse, or livestock, affordable and realistic.
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3 hours ago

A huge benefit of feeding raw that no one talks about - 💩 💩 💩! The poop produced by raw fed dogs is less smelly and much smaller in quantity than the poop produced by kibble fed dogs. Feeding real, whole foods is great for pet digestion! That means picking up after your pet a little bit less! bit.ly/2PxbMzA ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

Little Nibbles.
🐷 Raw pork comes in convenient serving sizes, perfect for on-the-go lifestyles with #nomessnofuss. No need to measure, cut, or create elaborate meals for your pups. We have the best-sourced wholefoods on the market, with in-depth knowledge about raw feeding science and nutrition. Our Detailed complete and balanced line of foods are ideally hand-crafted by Nutritional Scientist Roxanne Stone, Answers VP of R&D and Procurement. Delivering only the highest-quality raw food formulas for our pet foodies with effortless confidence in raw feeding. 🐖🌱🌞
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Stop in and say “Hello!”

Look for the red tractor in front of our store.

4441 Main Street
Springfield, Oregon 97478
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“My best to all of you and thank you for everything you’ve helped me with over the years from bunnies, dogs, cats and wild animals!  You truly have made my ability to care and feed my animals and assisted in relocating animals I could no longer keep in my care.  I always feel at home and continue to share your name with anyone who encounters a need for their pets.
Thanks for everything over the years and the laughter from feeling like a life long friend!
Fondly, Sandy “
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Sandy Stirelli

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