With the summer months and heat approaching it’s important to remember your furry friends can overheat pretty easily. Here are some easy tips to help your furry friends stay cool this summer.

  1. Know the signs! Dogs can’t sweat like us so they pant instead. Panting isn’t as effective as sweating though, so the first sign of overheating is excessive panting. Reduction of activity, and appearing dizzy are also signs of being too hot. While it can be normal for your dog to lay in the shade in the summer months keep an eye out for whether it seems like normal behavior or not.
  2. Make sure there is shade available for dogs. An easy way for them to cool down is to lay in the shade and relax for a little while until their body temperature is back to normal. Also make sure not to leave them anywhere too hot. Especially hot cars!
  3. Keep water on you for them. Making sure they stay hydrated is super important in the summer. Even better is when they have the option of jumping in a cool pool. This will help them cool down quickly and they can drink from it as long as the water is clean.
  4. Pupsicle recipes and homemade dog ice cream are also super fun ways to keep your puppies cool this summer. Check out our blog post on our favorite easy recipes to make!
  5. Lastly remember the paws! Pavement and other surfaces that get super hot can really hurt your pets paws. Walking them in the mornings before it gets too hot, or using something to protect the paws is recommended. We  carry Musher’s paw protection that can be very helpful and also little boots that can serve as a protective layer against the heat.
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