• We have a large selection of livestock feeds.

Here are a few of the brands we carry.

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750162-20120928061237-nutrena-nutrebeef-textured-cattle-feedNutrena Each class of cattle has its own unique nutritional requirements.

  • We match each feed to the animal’s performance requirements, stage of development, or phase of production.
  • We also consider regional and seasonal variations in forage, as well as the composition of feedlot or backgrounding ration ingredients.
  • Our global animal nutrition research team is comprised of 94 PhD’s, all dedicated to defining and understanding animal health and metabolism.

The result is consistently high performance in every class of cattle.

mainimage_beefCHS The Payback® brand includes a full line of products to meet the needs of operations of all sizes, from the fully integrated rancher to dedicated feedlot managers to country lifestylers. Every product in the Payback family is economical ­– and every one is precision formulated to deliver proven, consistent results that give you an edge.


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