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Horse feed can be very confusing; there are so many choices. Nutrition is an ever-changing formula; one day your horse needs one thing and the next the other. We enjoy nutrition seminars and study nutrition on a regular basis. We work with the many feed vendors to keep our knowledge current. We can help you make the right decision for your special horse.

  • Tack and supplies.
  • Saddles. We consign so check in regularly for new stock or let us know what you are looking for.


Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 3.24.09 PMSafeChoice

All SafeChoice formulas are proven, controlled starch feeds that give your horse the quality nutrition it requires. And you the peace of mind you’ve always wanted.

Controlled starch horse feed formulas for all horses

  • Helps take the worry out of feeding. Controlled starch diets with added fat are widely recommended to help improve performance and reduce metabolic concerns.
  • Nutrition you can rely on. Every bag of SafeChoice® Horse Feed contains calorie-rich fats from vegetable oil, guaranteed amino acid levels to support muscle maintenance and development, plus added prebiotics and probiotics to aid in nutrient digestion.

Helps your horse make the most out of every feeding. All SafeChoice® formulas are pelleted to reduce sorting and enhance digestibility of the nutrients critical to a horse’s health and performance.



lmf_horseLMF Nutrition

A well-balanced feed made for life stages of your horse. Makes feeding easy, when you select how much you need to feed we help you decide on the right feed.

  • LMF Super supplement
    For the easy keeper pasture horse (approximately 1#)
  • LMF Showtime
    For the show horse that needs a great coat and the edge off (approximately 3#)
  • LMF Developer
    For the young, growing horse
  • LMF Performance
    Increases energy for the working horse
  • Low Carb Stage I and II
    For the problem horse
  • LMF Senior
    This is great for any horse that needs to gain weight. Has shredded beet pulp right in the food. (Many responses from customers “my old horse has never looked so good”)
  • LMF Primetime
    For the horse that is a little hard to keep. High fat, low energy, easy to digest.



productbagsCHS Equis

Golden Senior – Complete, balanced nutrition for the unique needs of the senior horse that may or may not be able to chew hay. Highly digestible and palatable feed ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and digestive aids make Equis Golden Senior the smart, affordable choice.

Complete – Designed to provide both the roughage and concentrate portion of the adult horse’s diet. Equis Complete pellet and cube are viable noxious weed seed free for use in regulated areas. See certification label for proper use of this product.





Equerry's Choice 20 lbEquerry’s

Animal Health Solutions Inc. manufactures a broad range of animal supplements, for all types of animals and for varying nutritional requirements.

Our products have always been, and will continue to be based on the nutritional needs of your animal. We work with several nutritionists and microbiologists to stay abreast of advancements in nutrition and microbiology, and will offer new products to our customers that represent these advancements in science.


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It's #foodiefriday at McKenzie Feed & Pet Supplies! We polled Cat's Corner and the vote this week was unanimous, FROMM!
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