As CBD is rising in popularity it is important to recognize the health benefits involved. While it doesn’t claim to cure anything there have been many cases in which it could help with certain symptoms of age, aggression and stress in pets.

The first major thing CBD might be able to help with is management of stress or aggression. Dogs can get stressed out too! CBD can help calm down your pet and make the stress manageable. Another common issue is aggression. Dogs come from all different backgrounds. CBD could help with aggression and may calm them down significantly!

Secondly arthritis, hip dysplasia, and pain in general could be managed with CBD. At Mckenzie Feed and Pet Supplies we have treats and oils to ensure we have options for every pet. CBD can be a great way to naturally manage your pets symptoms and make them more comfortable in their day to day lives.

While these are just two instances in which CBD may be helpful there are many more! Every pet is different and therefore requires different care. We encourage you to come into our store where our associates can help you find what’s right for your pet!